Sushi Shiono

The oceans of Hawaii are filled with some of the most delicious and exotic fish in the world. Shiono offers super-fresh local Ahi tuna, moi, butterfish as well as other seasonal delicacies from Kona. When we say fresh we mean Shiono-fresh. The fish you are eating may have been swimming in the waters of Hawaii just moments ago! In addition to our local ingredients, we offer selections of all the best fish available from around the world. We spare nothing to acquire the absolute best.

Even the simplest ingredients that other restaurants may take for granted are very important to us. Take our rice for example. Our rice is Tamaki Gold Koshihikari rice. It is considered a super-premium short grain rice that is unique in its characteristics, with a firmness, consistency, aroma, and a natural sweetness that is without peer in the rice world. Without top quality rice, how can you have top quality sushi? We also take pride in our produce, offering local lettuce, spring mix, and spinach from Honopua Farm in Waimea – a high quality, 100% organic and sustainable farm.


Upper Level #111



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​HOURS        4:00p-9:00p Tues-Sun                    

PHONE         (808) 881-1111

LOCATION    Upper Level #111